Dancing Fountains Marmaris

The top Marmaris Attractions you should not miss

The moment your colleague showed you pictures of Marmaris, you knew where to spend your summer vacation. He told you a lot about Marmaris Turkey, and being a very organized person you wanted to make a list of the attractions you don’t want to miss. So, here is the list of Marmaris attractions that you can consider.

The reason why Marmaris appeals to so many tourists is its diverse mix of attractions. There are beaches where you can take sunbaths or enjoy your favorite drink, there are historic monuments and remnants to brush up your history lessons, and there is scope for adventure sports and a thriving nightlife too. So, you just need to pick and enjoy your vacation the way you want to.

Beaches of Marmaris – Marmaris is famous all over the world for its beach life and so you shouldn’t give it a miss. Go to Marmaris Beach or Iclemer Beach and spend a day enjoying the sun and surf.

 Some Other Marmaris Attractions

Meet history at Marmaris – being an ancient seat of oriental civilization, Marmaris has many locations that are steeped with history. The Bayir Village is just one of them. A jeep safari to this ancient village would reveal ruins of ancient cities and temples. There is a tree here which the locals claim to be 2300 years old. It is called The Old Plane Tree and according to the local myth it brings good luck and long life if you circle it thrice.

A lot of cafes are situated near the tree which offer excellent local food and add to the village’s attraction.

A look from the hilltop of the entire peninsula and the villages is spectacular, to say the least.

Local sightseeing – Marmaris offers plenty of scopes for local sightseeing if you have ample time in hand. Go for the dancing fountain which the kids enjoy a lot. It is free and makes a lovely nighttime outing. It is a fine example of modern technology and great fun too.

Marmaris Castle is another top attraction of the place. There is a museum in the castle also which you must visit. The Castle dates back to 1044 BC and was repaired during the time of Alexander the Great. The museum hosts many historical remnants of the Roman, Byzantium and Hellenistic kingdoms.

A trip to the Rhodes – Don’t miss this trip as it can be the highpoint of your Marmaris tour. There are several architectural masterpieces here like the St Paul Church of Rhodes which is worth visiting. We promise you would feel tired of taking photographs and yet long for more.
We may also visit the Cleopatra Island whose pale pink sand has earned much popularity amongst tourists.

Shopping at Marmaris – No trip can get over without shopping and with Marmaris you can practically shop till you drop. The Grand Bazaar is the biggest public marketplace which offers local fares that you can take back as souvenirs. Carpets, leather items, metal wares, jewelry, Turkish clothes, and onyx vases; well the list can go on and on. Armutalan Market and Iclemer Market also deserve your visits.

You can add your own favorites to this list and make your Marmaris trip memorable. Don’t forget to share your experience with us.