Heaven Island Marmaris

Heaven Island Marmaris is a peninsula that is connected to the main land with a strait that is 8km away from Mamaris. Heaven Island has been taken under protection for both its natural and archeological values as a part of the officially registered natural and archeological heritage.

The flora is densely composed of seeded plants. A wide variety of animals live on the island. The reason why these living creatures can continue their existence in an area so close to a settlement location is that their living quarters have been taken under protection.

The remains of antique structures that are on the highest point of the Heaven Island belong to one of the three branches of the antique settlement period of Marmaris. This antique settlement area which is on the highest point of the island and which is under protection can be reached with a 1 hour climb. There are remains of city walls, remains of the foundations of houses, and remains that belong to a watchtower in the settlement area .

Heaven island is under protection

The Heaven Island Marmaris has been officially registered as a Protected Natural Site of the 2nd Degree with the decision dated 14.10 1978, its natural and archeological values have been taken under protection . The highest concern is that this unique piece of nature and culture is protected by the residents and visitors of the island and discontinuing to do so the achievement of its survival. All the studies necessary for opening the island and the Nimara Cave to visitors have been made by the Marmaris Museum Directorate with the support of the Marmaris Municipality .


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