Greek Island Rhodes Near Marmaris

One of the nice things about staying in Marmaris is , you can use it as a jump-off point to other equally beautiful and gorgeous destinations such as Rhodes. Rhodes actually belongs to Greece, which is very close to Marmaris that explains why many tourists spend at least day here.

How to Get to Rhodes from Marmaris

To get to Rhodes Island from Marmaris, Turkey, you ride a ferry. There are plenty of Turkish operators that can provide you with the schedules. But be sure that you pick up the right one , which gives you the all the details and the correct information.

The entire travel time depends on the kind of boat you’re in. If you’re in a catamaran, the travel time is a lot shorter at 60 minutes. On the other hand, a typical ferry can take you to the island in around 2 hours and 15 minutes. However, with the unobtrusive views, you can get your mind from the travel and instead focus on the attractions such as beaches and ruins you get to see in Rhodes.

Important Things to Remember Before Travelling Rhodes

The ferry trips are subject to weather conditions. Generally, Mamaris and Rhodes Island have mild temperate climate with not a lot of storms and strong rainfall. Moreover, you are advised to book your tickets at least four days before your departure, especially during the peak season. Fortunately, you no longer have to fall in line before you can secure one. You can now buy the passes online and even enjoy discounts. Infants travel with a minimum fee while children receive discounts. Do not forget that you have to provide your passport details to your travel company before you can buy a ticket.


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