Bayir Village

Bayir village is located 25 km to the southwest of Marmaris. The village has a long history that dates back to 200 BC. The village is known for its natural honey production and a popular place for jeep safaris tours. The area has monumental trees and a rich culture that attracts thousands of visitors every season.

Wishing Tree in Bayir Village

The monumental plane tree in Bayir village located next to the mosque is over 2500 years old and has become a center of attraction. Long and happy life is often symbolized with this tree. Visitors to this place walk around the tree and pray for their long and happy life. The square near the tree is a nice and cool resting place with many shopping facilities and gives you a great relief during summer months. There are many plane trees in the village that offer a cool resting place and you can refresh yourself with local food and drinks offered at the restaurants here.