Marmaris Beach

The beaches around Marmaris may not be the best in the world, but you will love the turquoise waters and the marvelous marine life here. However children and adults play around the beaches with great enthusiasm. The top half of these narrow beaches is covered with sun beds and beach umbrellas provided by the many hotels on the beachfront. And if the hotels don’t provide them, the people visiting here hire them from local providers for a nominal fee.

The sea around Marmaris is fresh and warm; it gives you an open invitation for swimming. The sea here is best for diving as well. The warm and clear waters are some of the best in the world and teeming with marine life. You will find lots of varieties of colorful fish, lobsters and other marine forms of life thriving well beneath the waters. Adventurous divers find pleasure in exploring the coves, caves and other under water structures. As the water is clear, the divers can move as deep as 40 meters below the water level and explore things from down under!

Marmaris Beach is usually busy and flocked with people almost everywhere. There are many restaurants, snack shops and bars very near to the beachfront; you will find many more shops and malls at a walk able distance from here. In the evening you can enjoy the live performances and folk shows by the locals and other invited artists. Some of the hotels here have their own private beaches with good sands shipped in from other areas, but they are open for their customers only.


Other Popular Beaches

If you are looking for better beaches, you can move to the nearby Dalyan (Turtle Beach ) where the beaches have much better sand- in fact one of the best in the world! The icmeler beach is about 15-20 minutes away from Marmaris where you have the beachfront much wider and much quieter as well.