Turgut Village near Marmaris

Turgut Village is located 9km from Bayir to the southwest of Marmaris.

You can reach this place by dolmus minibus that run to and from the Marmaris center. The village has been growing steadily due to its popularity with the tourists and as a stop-off location for Marmaris Jeep Safari Tours. Turgut is well known in the area for its carpet school. These carpet school in the village pull many visitors and carpet varieties from all over the Turkey can be seen here. You can see how these carpets are weaved, how the wool is made use in making these carpets and how the carpets are spun and colored with natural dyes obtained from plants and stones.

Turgut is also known for its peanuts, agriculture, fishing and stock breeding. The beach at the village is a popular tourist place and has many restaurants that offer fresh fish and other local produces like gozleme and ice cold ayran. You can also order meat, trout or chicken from these restaurants. Visitors to this village must visit small waterfalls in Selale midway between Bayir and Turgut. This may not be the greatest of the waterfalls, but it is cool and provides you an ideal atmosphere to enjoy yourself. The wide valley in this region has an attractive landscape with pine trees, flowers and some rare plants. If you have some spare time, don’t forget to walk along the brook and into the valley. This gives you a very pleasant experience.