Ataturk Statue Marmaris

A monument to the first president of Turkey, Ataturk Statue Marmaris bags a prime spot on the town centre , flanked by the Turkish flags and a photograph of the man who is accepted by the world as the founder of modern Turkey. In terms of the physical aspects of this destination, it does not have too much to offer to the casual tourist, other than a photograph or two.

Surroundings of Ataturk Statue Marmaris

The immediate surroundings are such that people end up visiting this place by default, either en route to one of the countless restaurants or bars along the coast, or as they make their way past it after a boating trip that ends at the docks nearby, or on their way to (or back from) some of the nearby shopping areas. A children’s park not far off is fairly pleasant in the evenings. For all practical purposes, this is a public plaza with a Statue of Ataturk in Marmaris, is a site where you can have couple pictures . Efforts by local municipality in Marmaris are currently underway to give the area a facelift and make it more visitor friendly so as to turn it into a decent tribute to a man with a beautiful status all over the country.


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