Renting a Scooter in Marmaris

Travelers who choose to explore Marmaris and the nearby areas can hire scooters on rent. The minimum rental period is one day and special rates are applicable on long term rental periods. the prices charged include unlimited mileage, theft insurance, damage insurance and a VAT of 18%. We also offer you a 10% discount for rentals over 4 days.


Payment: Scooters providers will hire you scooters and motor cycles only on advance payment. Payment can be made through traveler check, cash and credit card as well.

Insurance: Make sure that you hire a scooter that has a valid insurance. And to make use of the valid insurance on these vehicles, you should follow the traffic rules as well. You are advised to ride within the legal speed limits, avoid drugs and alcohol while riding them. Make sure that you wear a proper helmet for your own safety while riding a moped. If you violate any rules and in case any accidents happen in between, you are held responsible to make up for all the costs incurred.

Traffic fines for violation of rules: Authorities will charge you fines and other administrative sanctions when you are found violating any traffic rules. All such payments have to be made by you. No scooters can be taken across the Turkish borders at any cost.

If you misuse and cause damage to the vehicle in your hands, you cannot claim any damage costs even when the insurance is valid. In case of an accident or any damage caused to the vehicle, you are supposed to inform the same to the correspondent police and file an alcohol report immediately before moving the vehicle from the accident spot. If you fail to do this, the insurance becomes void.

  1. Third Party Insurance

  2. Free Hotel Delivery

  3. Local Taxes

  4. V.A.T %18

  5. 24 Hours Assistance