Grand Bazaar Marmaris

Built along the lines of all the traditional bazaars in Turkey and surrounding countries, the Grand Bazaar Marmaris is a vast maze of curios, rugs, handicrafts and sweets, acquired after long hours of haggling for the lowest possible price. While the physical size of the bazaar does live up to its name, the quality of the merchandise does necessarily do so. You might be able to buy something at a half of the price the seller originally asked for, but then the item will in fact be worth more than what you finally paid for it. There is often authentic items for sale here, and the only reason why one should visit it, is to get the general idea of the traditional Turkish bazaar, and perhaps gain a few bargaining skills.


A peaceful place for shopping

Though not the best destination for any of your planned purchases, Grand Bazaar can definitely get you those inexpensive gifts for everyone back home. However, you are advised to proceed with caution, and be prepared to be pestered throughout your visit by eager shopkeepers trying to make a sale. This is nowhere close to a peaceful place for shopping but you can still enjoy your time in the Grand Bazaar Marmaris.


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