Marmaris Museum

The Marmaris Museum is housed within the Castle, a historic monument that bags the highest spot in Old Marmaris, offering stunning views of the sea and the town below. The journey up the hill is not a hard walk and it is well worth the effort as one finds oneself captivated by the quaint little settlements along the way, and is totally swept off one’s feet on successfully executing the climb and looking down at the magnificent view of Marmaris below.

A good place to capture some fotos

Marmaris Museum itself might not be the most informative of places you are likely to visit, but there are curios and fun facts for those who are interested in the historical and cultural analysis of a place. A visit is thus reasonably priced at 5 lira per person, and it takes just under an hour to go through the entire collection. The castle itself is an interesting piece of architecture, and one can stumble upon surprise terraces and windows that suddenly present views of what lies below. This is a good place to capture some nice photos, laze around and grab some refreshments at one of the nearby cafes; it only makes sense to add this feather to your cap if you happen to visit Marmaris.

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Marmaris Castle Entry Fee

Opening Hours in Summer: 08:30.
Castle is closed on Mondays during winter season.
Entry Fee: 10 TL.