Jesus Beach

Jesus Beach in Orhaniye Bay is one of the popular attractions around Marmaris. Located 36 km southwest of Marmaris, this lovely beach is just 2.5 km from the Turgut village. Orhaniye is an important tourist destination around the Hisaronu Gulf; yachts anchoring here spend their nights in Orhaniye. The great environment around Orhaniye has a wonderful landscape with nice beaches, pine forests and a calm sea.

The most interesting part of your Kizkumu Beach visit in Orhaniye is that you can walk in the middle of the sea! This is a natural surprise; the sandy underwater wall divides the gulf into two parts. The sea is much deeper on both sides of this shelf, but the water remains much lower all along this shelf and hence you can easily walk along this 600 m and 2 m wide shelf without getting drowned in the sea. You can enjoy the sun, beach, the sea and involve in water sports arranged by the holidaymakers in the area.

Legend of Jesus Beach

Kizkumu literally means the ‘maiden’s sand’. There are many legends attached with this beach. One of the legends says, the daughter of the Bybassos King fell in love with a fisherman. The king never approves this relationship and orders his guards to capture them if they happen to meet again. When the guards chase the princess, she runs into the sea and a miracle occurs. The sea forms a path for her to escape from the guards. However, she is killed by a soldier and the part of the sea becomes red in color due to her blood spilling out.