Marmaris Waterfall

The Marmaris Waterfall is located in a small village named as Turgut which is 30 km away from Marmaris.

When you are visiting this small waterfall near Marmaris get ready for a fabulous show in the guidance of tweets and jersey tiger moths (Euplagia Quadripunctaria) in shades of sweet gum (Liquidambar Orientals ), pine ( Pinus Brutia ) and plane trees ( Platanus Orientalis) while you are wondering this unique natural wonder including five waterfalls one after another attracting both local and foreign visitors with its natural flora and fauna for long years .

Every shade of green in this region where water and forest embrace. The project and application of the local waterfalls are done by the locals and now the site is 1st degree conversation area under the control of Turkish Government since 15th of august 2011.

Marmaris Jeep Safari Tours visit Marmaris Waterfall according to itinerary.