Marmaris Turkish Bath

Holidaying in Marmaris Turkey and returning home without having experienced a Turkish bath in Marmaris makes no sense . In fact, the Turkish bath is so addictive that if you sample it once you will find yourself going back over and over again. It refreshes, relaxes and cleans you completely. It even prolongs your recently acquired tan! So go ahead and get this experience on your list of been-there-done-that as soon as you can.


The Marmaris Turkish Bath Tours are the easiest way to do this, as they take care of you right from picking you up at a time that suits you, and dropping you back again when you wish to return. The Hamams are open all day long, and as such this is not a trip with a fixed itinerary, and your preferences come first, making you feel rather special. You can also indulge in any of the extra benefits while on the tour, such as rub massage, towel sauna, etc included in your tour package.

Hamam in Marmaris

Upon arriving at the “Hamam” (Turkish Bath), you can stow away your belongings at one of the secure lockers, the key to which will be given to you. You will also be given some traditional bathing gear – a cotton sarong and slippers. Soon you will find yourself in the marble clad bathing chamber. Lose yourself in the warm steamy atmosphere, where there is a constant supply of hot and cold water in the marble basins.

At the center of the Turkish Bath, there is a raised marble platform known as gobektasi. This is a hot platform for relaxing and getting soap massages. You can get some royal treatment here as attendants give you a brisk rub with a coarse lootfah mitt to remove layers of dead skin, and then give you a soap massage that involves a special technique to create a gentle pressure on the bones. This relaxes the muscles, and you should be prepared to feel as close to heaven as you have ever imagined yourself to be.

The soap massage is followed by a shower, post which you can rest in a cool room snuggled in a thick towel. Feel free to sip drinks of your choice here and enjoy the last few minutes of your royal treatment before heading back to your hotel.

Our Turkish Bath is very clean and serene

Make sure that you visit a traditional Turkish Bath Marmaris while you holiday in Turkey. Turkish Bath is so cleansing and refreshing that you will love visiting this place over and over again. We recommend that you visit our Marmaris Turkish Bath at the beginning of your stay in Marmaris. This will help you forget all the strain of your long journey to this place. The clean and serene settings, the real cleansed feeling from within, prompt and courteous services by our masseuses will pull you to this place again and again. You will certainly remember Turkish Bath for long after you have gone back to your place and even recommend your friends to visit here.

With oil massage

Our Marmaris Turkish Bath Tour Package already includes Oil massage by our well-behaved and polite masseuses. You are not required to pay anything extra for this soothing massage at the Turkish Bath. Our Turkish Bath is open early in the morning and you can plan to begin your day with a soothing and an all-cleansing Turkish Bath experience. One course in our Turkish Bath lasts for two hours and we are sure that you’ll love each of the moments you spend at our refreshing Bath.

Good for sun tan

We suggest our guests that if they are looking to prolong their sun tan for longer its best to visit our Turkish Bath. Our experienced and well-trained attendants at the Turkish Bath render you their loyal services and ensure that you take delight in every moment of your stay with us. Their gentle massages of various courses give you a feeling as if you gliding through the paradise. With a warm and steamy atmosphere, all of the treatments in the Turkish Bath; from oil massage, rub massage; soap massage, towel sauna, etc. are certainly meant to prolong your sun tan.

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Marmaris Turkish Bath What Include

  • Soap / Towels
  • Sauna
  • Scrub Massage
  • Foam Massage
  • Full Body Oil Massage (15mins)
  • Hotel Transfer
  • Full Insurance

Marmaris Turkish Bath What Exclude

  • Drinks
  • Personal Expenditures
  • Other Kind of Massage and treatments not mentioned here

Marmaris Turkish Bath Days & Time

  • Everyday
  • Anytime

Marmaris Turkish Bath Price

  • Adult : 10€
  • Child (7-12) : 5€
  • Infant (0-6) : FREE

Marmaris Turkish Bath Information

  • Tour Duration: 1 Hours
  • Don’t Forget : Swimsuits, Hair Shampoo (if you want to use your own), Cameras.
  • Notice : The kids under 12 years old can’t have oil massage as the their bone structure and muscular tissue is still very sensitive.
  • Itinerary : Lockers & Safe Boxes & Changing rooms, Sauna, Scrub Massage, Foam Massage, Full Body Oil Massage, Return Back to Your Hotel