Marmaris Quad Safari

The Marmaris Quad Safari is yet another memorable and adventurous tour that one can take to liven up one’s Marmaris vacation. This tour is dusty, fun, muddy and exciting, and will leave you with unforgettable memories to take home with you. It is a convenient option if you’re looking for something to do during the day without leaving town for the night. The duration of the tour is just around 3 hours, and you can have a world of fun and yet be back in your hotel, leaving you free to laze around or hit a bar or club for the rest of the evening.

The site for the Marmaris Quad Safari is only a twenty minute drive from Marmaris, and tucked away amid thick forests. Little paths and runways make a lovely biking route, and you will enjoy the spare half hour that you will be given in the beginning to get used to your allotted bike. Post this, you can join other tourists in lining up as a convoy for the safari, and follow your guides to begin your journey.


You will get really dirty

The Marmaris Quad Safari essentially involves riding up and down the hill, through unfamiliar territory such as streams that will leave you and those around you drenched, through pools of mud and layers of dust. Don’t try to avoid any of these forces that nature will unleash upon you. Instead, give in and become one with them, and soon enough you’ll realize just how much fun it is to simply lose oneself in the wild ride through the hills. For two hours you will be riding like you would never have before, exploring areas you have never seen before, with strangers who will have become your friends by the end of the ride. There will be halts of course, and they can be utilized in clicking pictures of some amazing views of the countryside, or in chatting up with the other members of the group. By the time you return to Marmaris wet, dirty and windswept, you will have captured some of the most amazing memories of your life.

Bring in a set of spare clothes

Drench yourself in sheer adventure and absolute fun in our Quad Safari Marmaris for over two hours. The Quad Safari tracks run across the thick forests, hillside and the rustic countryside. You will be exploring the natural surroundings and riding through the streams, muddy pools and dusty tracks up and down the hill. This adventurous ride gives you immense thrill and at the same time your clothes will get muddy as well. Hence, we recommend you to bring a set of spare clothes along with while you come to the quad tour. At the end of the tour, you can have a refreshing shower and put on the fresh spare clothes you have brought in.

The Quad Safari site is only 20 minutes away from Marmaris

Our Quad Safari site is never far away from the place you stay in Marmaris. We offer comfortable pick up and drop back services to your place of stay for free. We will pick-up you from the hotel around 10 am and take you to the quad safari site just 20 minutes away from Marmaris. So, you don’t have to travel too far to enjoy this all exciting and thrilling ride among the thick forests, up and down the hill! After reaching the site, our guides will help you get acquainted with the quad bike allotted to you.

You can buy your pictures and videos at the end of the tour

While you enjoy the thrilling quad ride among the wooded region and the dusty pathways, you will have some great pictures. During the ride our staff will take pictures of you and record videos as well. At the end of the tour you can buy these pictures and videos to take with you as souvenirs. Share these moments with your friends and family and let them know your fantastic quad ride experience at Marmaris.


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Marmaris Quad Safari What Include

  • Hotel Transfer
  • Full Insurance
  • Instructions (English Speaking)
  • Safety Equipments.

Marmaris Quad Safari What Exclude

  • Drinks
  • Personal Expenditures
  • DVD

Marmaris Quad Safari Days & Time

  • Everyday
  • 10:00 AM
  • 12:00 PM
  • 14:00 PM
  • 16:00 PM

Marmaris Quad Safari Price

  • Single : 28€
  • Double : 35€
  • Infant : FREE

Marmaris Quad Safari Itinerary

  • Arriving to the Track
  • Getting used to the Quad Bikes
  • Quad Safari ( 2 Hours )
  • Tour Ends & Cleaning up
  • See your Pictures
  • Return

Marmaris Quad Safari Information

  • Tour Duration : 3 Hours
  • Don’t Forget : Sun Creams, Comfortable Shoes or Sneakers, Sun Glasses, Spare Clothes, Camera.
  • Notice : Remember to bring spare clothes. There are shower facilities in the area. After the safari you can take a shower and put your clean spare clothes on.