Marmaris Scuba Diving

Turkey is known for its amazing scuba diving areas, one of them is Marmaris. The secluded bays, warm crystal water, and abundance of underwater wealth to explore, brings hundreds of thousands of adventure hungry tourists here. In Marmaris, one can easily find fully equipped boats to cater to prospective divers, together with helpful staff to assist curious first timers. It thus makes sense to spend a fair share of your vacation time in the water if you are planning to visit Marmaris.

If you are a novice you will receive the full range of instructions and training till you feel you are accustomed to the equipment, techniques and signs used underwater.


Diving Tour in Marmaris

Marmaris Scuba Diving Tour includes a pick from the hotel you’re staying at. The minibus arrives to pick you up sometime between 09:00 and 09:30 in the morning. Post this, guests beginners are trained while others can proceed to choose their diving equipment and get ready for the first dive. Upon reaching the first diving site, the experienced group goes into the water first, accompanied by a couple of instructors. This group is followed by the beginners, who enter the water in groups of two, again accompanied by guides of course.

The first dive is followed by lunch, after which the entire party moves to the next diving site. The protocol here is the same again, the experienced divers going in first followed by the amateurs. At the end of the second dive, any spare time left can be used for swimming or relaxing before heading back to Marmaris.

31 Different Diving Spots in Marmaris

Turkey is renowned for its ideal scuba diving locations and Marmaris is one among them. People looking to explore the beautiful world beneath the dancing waves must never miss out our scuba diving tours. The crystal clear blue waters of the Mediterranean and a great underwater visibility make Marmaris an excellent place for scuba diving. Scuba divers of any level can participate among some 31 exciting diving spots around Marmaris. We have entrusted the best professional dive masters and instructors to help you get along. Even the first time divers can easily carry out scuba diving as our diving instructors guide you with care and good attention.

2 Dives in our Scuba Diving Tour

Our guests can enjoy 2 dives, each one around 30-40 minutes on this tour. The first dive, we arrange in the morning and the second one, in the afternoon after having lunch. We provide all of our guests with full equipment required for a comfortable dive. The first-time divers and beginners are given essential instructions about equipment, safety factors and underwater sign-language onboard before taking a dive. Even the first-time divers need not worry a bit, because they are under direct supervision of our dive masters. After this practical training, we help our guests with breathing exercises on the surface prior to diving. After you get your fill with scuba diving, you can engage yourself in swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing as well.

You can buy your DVD at the end of the Tour

There are 31 different diving spots in and around Marmaris. Our team has complete knowledge about each of these locations and they will choose the best ones suitable for you. With underwater caves, reefs and wrecks there are a good number of diving spots in Marmaris suitable for divers of all levels. Certified divers are allowed to perform deeper level dives, but still we recommend your buddy-instructors to be near you. Beginners are allowed to plunge into a maximum depth of 6 meters underwater. You will enjoy the beautiful underwater sight and enjoy feeding fish. While you perform these activities, our instructors take photos and videos of you. You can purchase these to share your experiences of scuba diving with your friends back home.

Marmaris Scuba Diving What Include

  • All Scuba Diving Equipments
  • Instructions (English Speaking)
  • Hotel Transfer
  • Lunch
  • 2 Dives in the same day
  • Full Insurance.

Marmaris Scuba Diving What Exclude

  • Drinks
  • Personal Expenditures
  • DVD

Marmaris Scıuba Diving Days & Time

  • Everyday
  • 09:30 AM

Marmaris Scuba Diving Price

  • Diver : 30€
  • Non Diver : 15€
  • Infant : FREE

Marmaris Scuba Diving Itinerary

  • Arriving to the Boat & Instructions
  • 1st Dive in the Morning
  • Lunch Break
  • 2nd Dive in the Afternoon
  • Arriving back to Marmaris

Marmaris Scuba Diving Information

  • Tour Duration : 10 Hours
  • Don’t Forget : Towels, Swimming Costumes, Sun Cream, Sun Glasses, Camera.
  • Notice : There is an age limit of 12 for this tour. Snorkellers and Non-divers welcome.