Kervansaray Marmaris Turkish Night

Turkey without belly dancers kills the cliché, right? Well, go ahead and keep the tradition alive by going in for a Turkish Night while you are in Marmaris. Experience the traditional Turkish folk dances, and the famous local cuisine complete with mezes and drinks. The Kervansaray Marmaris Turkish Night is a preplanned trip that takes care of your transportation, food, drinks and entertainment in a complete package. The event begins at 8:30 pm and ends at midnight. It is thus fine to take your children with you to this little carnival. The attendants and locals are friendly and hospitable and will definitely make your evening special.

What stands out about a Turkish party is the fact that Turks know how to have fun as a group. If you have never been to Turkey, you have no idea what you are missing. Fun, belly dancing, delicious Turkish food, folk dances and a crazy audience are only some of the things you can experience on a Turkish Night. If you sit at one of the outer edge of tables, your group will soon be chosen by one belly dancer. Before you know it, the fun will have heightened on the dance floor as people from the audience join the belly dancers, shirts come off, and everything is dictated by the music and the fervor.

Excellent Show All Night Long

A number of venues that host Turkish night shows in Marmaris but Kervansaray Marmaris Turkish Night is the one of the best one you can experience during your holiday in Marmaris . Some are in town while others involve taking a little trip to a place slightly away from the main city. These Turkish night trips are an experience you should have, and are well worth the little distance you need to travel. In fact most tourists today prefer to take off on one of these trips rather than attend a Turkish night at one of the nightclubs or restaurants in Marmaris. From the beginning of the trip there is a carnival vibe in the air, and upon reaching the venue you will completely lose yourself in the intoxicating atmosphere. People plan for nights like this months in advance. Thus, when in Marmaris, do make sure you add this feather to your cap.

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See the Folk Dance of Turkey

Kervansaray Marmaris Turkish Night
Kervansaray Marmaris Turkish Night

If you are visiting Marmaris and not participating in its colorful and vibrant night life, you are missing an unforgettable experience you shouldn’t have ever missed! Night life in Marmaris is something you should never miss. There are many places in and around Marmaris to enjoy a vibrant night life. But, Kervansaray has something special on offer and it’s well organized. Apart from fantastic dinner and unlimited drinks, the most amazing features here are the folk dance and traditional culture of Turkey. The company of belly dancers, folklore musicians and dancers from Anatolia is amazing. The traditional wedding show performed by the folk artists is really fascinating. The guests can participate in belly dance contests and win prizes as well!

Two belly dancers at the show and one of them is male

Kervansaray Marmaris Turkish Night
Kervansaray Marmaris Turkish Night

Our Marmaris Turkish Night Excursions are fantastic not just because of great food and unlimited drinks; the entertainment at the night show is out of this world! We arrange for you a very special and well organized venue for the occasion. Kervansaray is one of the best places to be in Marmaris to experience all the vibrancy of a Turkish nightlife! Along with the best food and fantastic drinks; this place presents you a great opportunity to share the stage with the belly dancers. As the party at night turns wild, the music grows big and the belly dance is at its full flow. One among them is male and you will have a good company all through the party!

Dinner & Soft Drinks & Beer & Wine ( Comes within the Price )

Kervansaray Marmaris Turkish Night
Kervansaray Marmaris Turkish Night

Apart from free hotel transfer, full insurance and all entry fees, our Marmaris Turkish Night Excursion package includes dinner & soft drinks, beer & wine for every participant! The tour duration is about 4 hours; begins with a hotel transfer at about 7:30 pm and we drop you back to the hotel at the end of the show around 11:50 pm. At around 8:00 pm we are at the chosen place; the food is ready and on offer and so are the drinks. A luscious Turkish dinner accompanied with starters awaits you. Drinks on offer are unlimited and includes soft drinks, beer and wine sufficient for everyone

  1. Tour Days: Tuesday , Thursday , Sunday

  2. Departure: 19:30 PM

  3. Return :23.50 PM

  4. Adult Price: 17 £

  5. Child ( 7 – 12 )Price: 8 £

  6. Infant ( 0 – 6 )Price: Free

  7. Full Insurance

  8. Free Hotel Transfer

  9. Dinner ,  Soft Drinks , Wine , Beer

  10. No Creditcard / No Down Payment Required