Marmaris Pamukkale Tour

During Marmaris Pamukkale Tour you will witness a unique mountainside covered in white and popularly referred by the local population as ‘Cotton Castle’. The travertine covered mountain is indeed a captivating sight. There are several ways to reach Pamukkale from Marmaris, the most common and the also the most convenient way by a bus trip to Pamukkale. It makes for a lovely ride through the hills and brings the guests to the first leg of the trip – a beautifully serene expanse of green. The Marmaris Pamukkale route is full of beautiful vistas that you would love to capture, so whatever you do, do not forget to carry your camera with you!

Marmaris Pamukkale Tour | Hot Spring Waters

Much like other hill destinations, a trip to Pamukkale is best enjoyed during the summer months. The place has a lot to offer, such as bathing in natural hot springs – with or without family – or embarking on a little quest through nature and history. For those with more than a little curiosity about pagan culture and practices, the outskirts of Pamukkale was once known as Hierapolis – read ‘city of holiness’ – and as a result was once the center of cult practices as well as holy rites. It is still possible to decipher some traces of pagan cult in the layers of time through their culture, beliefs and tradition. Hierapolis and Necropolis attract a remarkable number of tourists. Guided tours from Marmaris to Pamukkale will give you the chance to walk through the ruins, unravel stories spanning thousands of years, and are a treat for those interested in learning about the ethics, life and culture of a place. Nature of Pamukkale is also amazing , to walk on the white cliffs of Pamukkale will give you an unforgettable day during you stay in Marmaris.


Pamukkale is a national park, again a unique place that has been listed by UNESCO as one of the best heritage sites in Turkey…

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Marmaris Pamukkale Tour | A Comfortable Bus Drive

Marmaris Pamukkale Tour
Marmaris Pamukkale Tour

The distance between Marmaris and Pamukkale ( The Cotton Castle ) is  214 km , this will take around a 3 hours comfortable bus drive. In this long bus drive you will also have a glance on the real countryside of Turkey, your guide will also inform you about about the life style and local people on this journey. All our buses are fully air conditioned and comfortable.

Breakfast & Lunch & All Entrance Fees Included

Marmaris Pamukkale Tour
Marmaris Pamukkale Tour

This is a day trip organzied from Marmaris. In this tour all entrance fees also your lunch & breakfast is included in the price that you will pay. The only extra that you need to pay is your drinks and personal expenditures. The tour comes as a whole package with no hidden charges or extra costs

3 Hours Free Time in Pamukkale

Marmaris Pamukkale Tour
Marmaris Pamukkale Tour

In this guided tour in Pamukkale , you will have 3 hours free time on your own at this natural wonder. You can use you time wisely to visit the places that will more interesting for you . Ancient Remains of Hierapolis of the white cliffs of Pamukkale might be the most attractive place for you .

  1. Tour Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

  2. Departure: 06:30 AM

  3. Return :19.00 PM

  4. Adult Price: 18 £

  5. Children Price ( 8 – 12 ): 9 £

  6. Infant Price ( 0 – 7 ): Free

  7. Full Insurance

  8. Breakfast, Lunch, Guiding Service

  9. Fully Air Conditioned & Comfortable Bus Service

  10. No Creditcard / No Down Payment Required