Marmaris Fishing Tour

If you’ve decided to get away from the commotion of your every day life and take an interesting and fulfilling day, Marmaris Fishing Tour is exactly what you’ve been looking for. If you have already decided to spend your holiday in the heavenly place where Aegean and Mediterranean Sea touch, let Marmaris Fishing Tour program make it unforgettable. Whether you want to wobble in the sunshine and let your thoughts drift away or do something fun and interesting, our fishing tour has what you need.


Professional Fishing Equipments

Twice a day, from May to October, we organize our supreme quality fishing tours in Marmaris. We always welcome new travelers and adventurers with open hands and ready to set sail. Our morning tour starts around 9 am and ends about 2.30 pm. Those several hours in between will be filled with relaxation and enjoyment. Aiming to give you just that, we make our first stop at Paradise Island, where you get to check out the colorful Mediterranean Sea life and catch the vibrant fishes around the famous Paradise Island. Our professional fishing equiment and sonar system makes catching more fun.

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  1. Tour Days: Everyday

  2. Departure: 09:30 AM

  3. Return :13.30 PM

  4. Fishing Guest : 8 £

  5. Non-Fishing Guest : 4 £

  6. Full Insurance

  7. Free Hotel Transfer 

  8. All Entrance Fees

  9. No Creditcard / No Down Payment Required

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