Atlantis Waterpark Marmaris

The bars, restaurants, nightclubs and modern entertainment means that not only is there usually more sense in not taking your kids everywhere with you, but sometimes you might need a little break from the constant binging, drinking and summer sun. The Atlantis Waterpark Marmaris are thus popular breakout destinations, where families like to spend some quality time, kids and all.

Atlantis Waterpark Marmaris is one of the largest aqua parks in town. The fun rides and high water slides will ensure that your water experience is a memorable one. From the moment you enter, stow away your belongings, and change into your swimming gear, there is the promise of nothing but cool refreshing water for the rest of your day. The level of simulation on natural wave conditions is remarkable, and the water is bleached regularly to maintain its pristine quality. You might not crave the open sea after this. Instead, feel free to engage in the water sport of your choice, or just lay back and relax on one of the many sunbeds by the pool, and work on getting that perfect tan!

Eight Different Slides at Atlantis Waterpark

The minds behind Atlantis Waterpark is constantly at work to make sure that even regular visitors find something fresh and new every time they visit. As such, there are different themes and styles of water gliders to keep you entertained. Again, you can put aside the apprehensions of waiting in line for your turn at a particular ride; there are simply too many options to choose from. Eight different high slides stand like towers in the background, offering varying degrees of entertainment and thrill.

The place has also kept in mind the more peace loving tourist, it is so close to the beach and has wave pools to relax at. At the end of it all, you can walk to the bar in the corner of the Park, where there is the entire range of snacks and refreshing drinks to choose from.

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Kids Friendly

Atlantis Waterpark Marmaris
Atlantis Waterpark Marmaris

There are some holiday destinations where we can’t take our kids along with. But, Atlantis Water Park Marmaris is the place where your kids enjoy the most. This is the largest water park in the town and the best place to enjoy all-day with your family. The water park has “TheKidsLand” with Kids Pool and Slides; this exclusive kids’ area gives your kids a fairy land experience. The splashing waters, animal mini-slides like the Octopus’ Arms, the Mushroom Shower, the Sliding Snake and playing with the Friendly Rabbit will give your kids an unforgettable holiday experience. Moreover, the water system and the food within the park are endorsed with hygienic and safety certificates by the authorities. This place is very much kids friendly and safe as well.

Free Hotel Transfer

Atlantis Waterpark Marmaris
Atlantis Waterpark Marmaris

Located right at the sea front, the Atlantis Water Park Marmaris remains open between 10.00 AM and 5.00 PM. We are eager to take you there so that you enjoy the rides, slides, food, entertainment and everything available at the park all day long. Our tour services include free hotel transfer as well. We offer free pick-up and drop-back services to the place you stay in Marmaris. You will certainly feel comfortable while traveling in our well-kept vehicles.

Fun With The Slides

Atlantis Waterpark Marmaris
Atlantis Waterpark Marmaris

The Marmaris Water Park Atlantis has a full-range of amusements for visitors of all age groups. With eight major water slides and themes, there are too many options for you to pamper yourself with enjoyment and amusement. You will never be waiting to buy tickets or your turn to play at any slides in the park; there is already a full-range of options wide-open for you. The park organizers ensure that there is always something fresh and new for even the regular of the visitors here. Each of the rides and themes stand high on the background offering you with varying degrees of fun-filled entertainment and a memorable excitement.

  1. Tour Days: Everyday

  2. Departure: 10:00 AM

  3. Return :17.00 PM

  4. Adult Price: 7 £

  5. Child Price ( 6 -12 ): 3 £

  6. Infants ( 0 -6 ): Free

  7. Free Hotel Transfer

  8. Full Insurance

  9. Entrance Fee Atlantis Waterpark

  10. No Creditcard / No Down Payment Required