Let these things to do in Marmaris Turkey amaze you with its treasures

There are some places that never lose their charm no matter how many times you visit them. Marmaris in Turkey is one such place which has permanently found its place in the hearts of travelers. Most seasoned tourists visit this place once in their lifetime and promise to revisit as they never have enough of it.

Marmaris and its many things to do – lets create an itinerary

If you happen to talk to tourists who have visited Marmaris, you will get to hear one complaint against it. It offers too many options and most tourists feel confused to decide from where to start. However, you don’t have to worry about that. We are here to help you to get the best of Marmaris.

Whether you visit Marmaris for a week or a fortnight, your exploration must start from the beach.

• Yes, Marmaris is known for its beach. You can opt for sunbathing or strolling along the beach. There are plenty of bars, restaurants and cafes. You would love the ambience and just relax. Actually, if you are one of those people who do not want to follow any itinerary while traveling, Marmaris is ideal for you. You can just spend your days tasting the local food, taking naps or reading by the seaside.

• However, we would encourage you to move beyond the seashore and explore Marmaris. If beaches appeal to you, we would suggest visiting Iclemer. The Iclemer Beach is not only beautiful but also provides opportunities for fishing. You can also participate in other water sports if you love adventure.

• A walk down the Iclemer Beach is all that you need to rejuvenate your tired soul.

• Marmaris hosts several small villages and towns that you can visit and spend a day watching fishermen catching good hauls. You would definitely enjoy a lunch prepared by the locals and having it by the beach.

Let’s move on to some spectacular sites that have made Marmaris so popular to the tourists.
• Pamukkale is situated by the ruins of the Hierapolis City. White stalactites have formed spectacular castles, basins and pools. Pamukkale looks nothing less than a fairy land where the basins and cataracts are found clinging to the ridge.
A warm and soothing bath in the thermal waters is a must experience in Pamukkale.

• If history excites you, you should keep aside plenty of time to explore the Ancient City of Ephesus which was famous as a Roman City in Antiquity.

• You would love to see the House of Virgin Mary and the Temple of Artemis which is known as one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

• The Rhodes also deserves a visit as well as the Cleopatra’s island. You can hear the footsteps of time as you roam around the great.

• The best thing about Marmaris is that you can visit all the nearby locations by taking day trips. Boat trips offer incredible opportunities to explore the sea and experience the marine life from very close quarters.

• Last but not the least; do not miss the jeep safari as it is full of thrills that you would love to remember when you go back home.

With all these Things to do in Marmaris Turkey and many more, you will never realize how time flies in Marmaris Turkey. As you leave the place, do so with a promise to come back again.

things to do in marmaris

Things to do in Marmaris | Safari Tours

Adventurous tours like the Jeep Safari, Horse Safari and the Quad Safari are arranged on countryside just a few kilometers away from the town. The venues for these safaris are exciting and the paths move through the pine forests over unbeaten and all-terrain tracks, across water springs, and you also get to visit some of the villages nearby. The safaris though thrilling enough, the organizers also give prominence to crowd safety. Apart from an unforgettable thrilling holiday experience, the tourists can taste authentic local delicacies and appreciate local culture by having an opportunity to visit nearby villages.

things to do in marmaris

Things to do in Marmaris | Cultural Tours

Turkey, with its close vicinity to Greece was home to some of the most ancient civilizations. Once in Marmaris, you can contact any of the best tour operators arranging daily trips to places nearby. Most tour packages include services like hotel transfer, full insurance, food and drinks, guidance and entry fee as well.

The best preserved ancient city site of Ephesus in the Mediterranean region is a must visit place. With monuments like an ancient and huge amphitheatre, the Library of Celsus, the Temple of Artemis, Ephesus arouses a great interest about the history of this place in the visitors’ mind. Do not forget to visit the House of Virgin Mary, just 9 km from here.
Similarly, Pamukkale (the UNESCO World Heritage Site) is a place for nature lovers and this place also has a historical significance. A natural wonder and the foremost mineral bath-spa with waters cascading by the white calcite deposits is amazing to watch. This place is also known for its gorgeous scenic beauty. The places of interest to visit nearby include Hierapolis, Necropolis, and the Cleopatra’s Pool.

things to do in marmaris

Things to do in Marmaris | Boat Trips

Boat trips from Marmaris offer various levels of delights to participants. The boats engaged in these trips traditional Turkish boats specially designed for cruises and have two or more storeys. The lower decks have ample space for partying, tables and chairs to sit around and enjoy food and drinks onboard. On the top most floors, you can find sun-beds to recline and sunbathe.

The boat trips are arranged among the fantastic coves and bays in and around Marmaris. The journey takes break at regular intervals at pre-chosen places. Here the people onboard can get down and swim, snorkel, view and capture exotic views of nature’s beauty, and visit villages nearby. People preferring to rest can stay on top and recline to sunbathe! Some of the popular boat trips include Marmaris Boat trip, Cleopatra Island Trip and the Aegean Island Trip.

For an avid traveler, Marmaris has a great range of activities to indulge in. With many interesting destinations around, and activities to get engaged with, Marmaris will keep you busy for days!