Marmaris Nightlife – How to get the most of it

There are a lot of places which are known for exciting nightlife. Tourists flock to these spots to experience the nightlife that has made these places popular. Marmaris Turkey is different as its nightlife is not much advertised and hence packs a few surprises that you would love to experience. You can never imagine the beach night in Marmaris or what a Turkish night actually means. So, just hold your breath and enjoy the moments as the night unfolds in Marmaris.

Marmaris Nightlife offers Turkish hospitality at its best

Yes, Turkish hospitality is warm, lively and relaxed as you must have experienced in the bars and restaurants dotted across the beach and the cities. Wait for the night to see how the same Turkish hospitality turns groovy. Fun in Marmaris begins at the beach, the nightlife too. The beach hosts several cafes and bars that turn into excellent joints to enjoy the night. There are bars and dance clubs on the beach where you can have fun. If you are not too much into partying, the beach with its eclectic mix of quiet cafes and bars is the ideal place to spend your nights in Marmaris.

Let’s go partying tonight in Marmaris

Hard core party lovers have plenty to cheer in Marmaris. You may start exploring the Marmaris Nightlife with a visit to the Bar Street. As the name suggests, this street is the home of the most hip and happening bars and pubs of Marmaris. You would like to visit a few just to soak in the ambiance and enjoy your favorite drink too.

Have you heard about Turkish nights? Most probably not. Marmaris is the best place to witness Turkish nights. The fun would be galore with belly dancing, folklore dancing, Turkish music and drinks and traditional cuisine.
Most resorts and hotels in Marmaris organize Turkish nights to allow the holidaying crowd to get a glimpse of Turkish culture. The Turkish night begins with live Turkish music and drinks. Turkish folklore dancers along with foot tapping music would make it impossible for you to remain seated in your chair.

As the night reaches its zenith, the excitement overflows with fine belly dancers performing in front of you. Drinks and Turkish cuisine heighten the excitement. Don’t forget to taste the mezes which are delicious cold starters.

If you are looking for more thrills, there are sports bars and karaoke bars to have great fun.

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If you happen to visit Marmaris with your family, there are places where you can enjoy too. Apart from the noisy and crowded pubs, there are quiet places where you can head to enjoy a sumptuous Turkish dinner and take night strolls. Walking down the streets of Marmaris at night or sitting across the beach or harbor is an experience in itself.

No matter the age group you belong to or the type of entertainment you prefer, Marmaris Nightlife always has things to enthrall you. May be you will come across a bar or a restaurant where you can relax in your own way and find a friend to share your drink. With Marmaris nightlife , anything can happen, anything.

Enjoy Marmaris Nights

Marmaris Nightlife is varied and has everything one looks to enjoy! Whether you are here as a family, a young couple or a group of adults, Marmaris offers something to please you all. At Marmaris, nightlife is so vibrant that you will never forget any of the amazing experiences you enjoy here. With numerous restaurants catering from menus including Chinese, Indian, Turkish, Seafood, BBQ and other continental dishes and bars to quench your thirst, Marmaris is a place you would love to party all night! Many hotels here have in-house entertainment teams and arrange drag shows, traditional ‘Turkish Night’ presentations including Belly Dance, traditional and folk music, games and contests for the visitors, and such other events at a place of your choice! Most of the bars are open to serve you all night!

Bar Street Starts After 23:00

Bar Street is a fantastic place one must visit while in Marmaris. This narrow street hidden behind the marina restaurants is accessible through the bazaar area. We arrange for a hotel transfer up to marina area and take you there by walk. The street comes alive after late evening and it’s a great delight to be there! Numerous bars and clubs arrange all-night parties with various music including house, rock, and R&B. Most of the bars provide a free entry (except special events), and serve the guests until 4 am and some run all-night! With partying all around, loads of music and lots of alcohol, Bar Street is a place one must visit.

Foam Party at the end of the night

Foam Party at the end of the night is a thrilling experience you’ll remember forever! You easly make your way to the bar street by Dolmus or Taxi, make sure that you are ready for the real party. Once the party starts, there is wild music all around and the place comes up lively. You can sip your favorite drink and dance to the music and light! All of these attractions begin after late-night and the fun goes until the dawn. When the party is about to end, you can relive the fun yet again by enjoying the famous foam party in most of the clubs.