Ney Restaurant Marmaris

Tucked away in a little hideout behind the marina, Ney Restaurant Marmaris is hard to find the first time, but will have you returning over and over again once you have discovered it. A deliciously homely ambience becomes the backdrop to some amazing Turkish food. Ney differs from the usual tourist seeking sea facing restaurants that Marmaris is full of. Unlike the standard fare, Ney Restaurant Marmaris has only about five tables in the main indoor dining area, and a few more in the adjoining terrace overlooking the sloping roofs of the neighboring cottages. The scale of the space is that of a Mediterranean house, and this adds to the strange comfort associated with eating here.

The menu is small but considerate towards the food preferences of a wide spectrum of guests. The chicken casserole, cooked in a clay dish and topped with cheese, is a big favorite, as are the Turkish moussakas, fritters, ravioli and of course mug of Turkish coffee to cap it all. It is a different experience altogether to hunt for this quaint little place amid the alleys that make up the harbor area of Marmaris, and then make one’s way up the stone stairs to the old world haven that is Ney.


Tepe Mahallesi, Kale içi, 26 sok, no 24, 48700 Marmaris/Muğla


+90 252 412 02 17