Piccadilly Resturant Marmaris

This young and upbeat little place has neither panoramic views of the sea nor an overly designed decor to offer, but it is a major crowd puller owing to the festive atmosphere and the economical menu that is kinder to the pocket of the average tourist than most of the other places he is likely to visit in Marmaris. Proclaiming itself to be an English and Turkish restaurant, Piccadilly is best known for its cheap Scottish breakfast, complete with the irn-bru to wash it down. The rest of the menu is mostly made up of the standard fare available in most of the restaurants in Marmaris – chicken curries, steaks and inexpensive wines.

The staff at Piccadilly is young and friendly. The premises are lively, with a poolside, a newly refurbished garden safe enough for children to play in on their own, and free wi-fi and even laptops for the guests who dine there. Nights are usually packed, with some event or the other underway, guests and staff participating with equal ardor. A minibus traverses the immediate vicinity to pick up potential guests and bring them to Piccadilly. While not the best in terms of food, the energy that this little restaurant emanates is enough to captivate you.


Çıldır Mahallesi, Kemal Seyfettin Elgin Blv., 48700 Marmaris/Muğla


+90 252 417 83 63