Marmaris Banana Boat

Are you ready to experience a fun, full of laughter and excitement activity? The Banana Boat in Marmaris is one of the most popular water sports activities as it gives you an all in one package of adrenaline and joy. Anyone can participate in the Banana Boat, so in case you are a solo traveller or a group of friends or family, this water sport is just the perfect option. However, please note that you need to embrace your adventurous and brave side to fully enjoy this activity!


This magnificent experience is available on a daily basis and lasts for approximately 20 minutes. For your own comfort, transfer services are included in the price. Therefore, on a specific time, a fully air conditioned and modern car will pick you up from your place of accommodation in Marmaris and drive you towards the bay where Banana Boat takes place.

In case this is your first time experiencing the Banana Boat activity, there is nothing to worry about. Our professional and fully licenced instructors will be there to give you all the necessary information. Please pay attention to the instructions and rules as they are very important for your safety. Furthermore, all the necessary safety equipment is provided so that you can enjoy a smooth and safe activity without any worries.

Hire Banana Boat In Marmaris

During this activity, a speed boat drags a rubber banana-shape boat on which you are seating. The ride begins smoothly and gently and the boat gradually starts to maximize speed and make sharp turns. Get ready to get wet as it is really challenging to stay on the rubber banana. At a point, you have to be sure that you will end up in the sea but you can always climb back and continue experiencing the fun part of the activity.

The splashing waters, the power of the boat and the constant challenge with yourself to stay on the boat are able to give you some major adrenaline boosts like no other activity. One of the most fun elements of this 20-minute Banana Boat is that all participants scream and laugh as the boat intentionally speeds up and makes turns. Therefore, joining a Banana Boat while in Marmaris is a great way to have some fun with your friends or family, irrespective of the age groups.

The Marmaris Banana Boat is available on every time of the day. Therefore, the only thing you have to do is to let us know when the perfect time is for you so we can arrange your reservation. Enjoy a thrilling 20-minute water sport and make some long lasting memories during your holidays.

  1. Tour Days: Everyday

  2. Departure: Any Time

  3. Adult Price: 10 £

  4. Children Price ( 6 – 12 ): 10 £

  5. English Speaking Guide

  6. Instructions

  7. Full Insurance

  8. No Creditcard / No Down Payment Required