Shopping in Marmaris – an experience you will never forget

Beaches, Rhodes,Turkish Nights. The fun at Marmaris doesn’t end at this. There is shopping and more Shopping in Marmaris. Telling you that Marmaris is a shopper’s paradise is just an understatement. It is much more than that. It is a wholesome experience you would love to talk about and share with all your friends back home. Are you ready for shopping? Let the fun begin.

Choose your shopping style in Marmaris

Do you know what makes shopping in Marmaris so ecstatic? It’s the options you get. There are local markets, which are popularly known as bazaars. These are traditional markets where local producers sell their goods directly to the buyers.

There are shopping malls also where you will find international brands. Needless to say, these shopping malls are stylish and sell authentic and high value products.
You need to decide where you want to shop. The local bazaars are special in many ways. You get locally produced goods and along with that a chance to interact with the shop owners. Most of you would agree that bargaining with shop owners is fun and that you can do to your heart’s content at the bazaars of Marmaris.

Shopping in Marmaris – it never felt so good

The beach at Iclemer is fantastic and so is its Wednesday bazaar. You would find products like fruits, vegetables, pine honey and Turkish carpets. Leather items like handbags, wallets and jackets and belts are also commonly sold at the bazaar.

You can visit the Marmaris Market and the Armutalan Market on Thursday. If you are keen to know more about Turkish lifestyle and culture, spend a day at these markets. Along with shopping and haggling with the salesmen, you will get an interesting glimpse of Turkish way of living.

If you are looking for traditional handicrafts like embroidery or ornaments or decorative copper products, head to the local markets. The Turkish women sell these products and you may engage in interesting tête–à–tête with them while buying a few for your friends.

Oh yes, don’t forget to buy local jam and honey which are popular in Marmaris.

Most tourists buy bracelets and rings studded with precious and semi-precious stones at Marmaris. If you want to buy gold jewelry, it is better to visit the established shops where you will get authentic items.

It’s time for brand shopping in Marmaris

Of course, you cannot leave Marmaris without shopping at its up market shops. Netsel Marina has a shopping area with many shops that sell branded clothes and souvenirs. There are many bars and restaurants here where you can spend your evenings if shopping makes you tired.

Marmaris and Carpets – a historic association

Turkey is popular as an ancient seat of carpet weaving. Each piece is unique as they are handmade and also dyed with natural colors. A Turkish carpet is like a piece of Turkish history that you must take back home. The local Carpet School Marmaris is worth a visit. Apart from buying exquisite carpets, you can witness the traditional carpet weaving technique of Turkey.

There are other carpet factories also from where you can buy these rugs. The village of Turgut specializes in carpet weaving and a drive down to it may prove worthwhile if you are looking for exclusive carpets.

Don’t forget to buy a few bottles of Turkish wine. See, I can go on and on about Shopping in Marmaris. It is better that you experience it yourself and share your feelings with us.