Joy Club Marmaris

A major contributor to town’s lively nightlife, Joy Club Marmaris has been going strong for the past 10 years, luring tourists and regulars alike to the DJ nights, dance shows and parties that last all night. Open from 22:00 p.m. to 04:00 a.m., Joy Club Marmaris labels itself as a club alone, without diluting its focus with the additional role of a restaurant serving breakfast and lunch, like many pubs in Marmaris have unsuccessfully attempted to do. The result is that it is packed throughout business hours, with not just Marmaris’s local populace but everybody, from casual tourists to frequent visitors, to the cream of Turkey’s elite.

Enjoy the dancers on catwalks

Joy Club Marmaris boasts of some of the hottest DJ nights that town has ever seen, with the entire spectrum of hit music from around the world played into the night. Even though it is located in Bar Street, where competition from other clubs is unavoidable, it manages to host some of the liveliest parties in town. Waiters serving “flaming shots”, dancers on catwalks, revelers masquerading on the entire ground floor, the energy is infectious, and unlike in other nightclubs, one can seldom find sedentary diners in Joy Luck, or even groups enjoying a few slow rounds of drinks. Instead, everyone is drawn to the dance floor, drinks and all, in one insane rush of musical mayhem.


35/1. Sk, Marmaris Bar Street . Marmaris, Türkiye


+90 252 4133430