Apple Bar Marmaris

Another of Marmaris’s restaurants that do not have the advantage of a sea face, Apple Bar Marmaris successfully makes up for the lack of a view by completely introverting itself and sustaining enough activity and festivities to keep the mood up at all times. From magic shows to dance performances, nights have almost a carnival atmosphere that is made even better by the delicious food on the menu.

Affordable prices, generous servings, and a large variety of items to choose from the menu ensure that Apple Bar Marmaris is kept at work throughout the day.The ambience of a street-side café keeps the vibes raw and untouched by a conscious attempt to enforce a décor. One feels free and at peace during a lazy lunch, and upbeat and energetic during a night of revelry.

The menu is extensive

The menu is extensive and the standard of the food is generally high. The chicken fajitas are quite popular, as are the cocktails served at the bar. Lamb roasts and steaks are ordered till late into the night and bordering on the wee hours of the morning. The friendly and efficient staff makes customers feel welcome, and the entertainment is planned carefully to keep guests of all age groups smiling.


Halici Tatil Koyu Sok, 48700 Marmaris, Türkiye ‎


+90533 770 6714